Angie Jumps Back in to Wakeboarding After Torn Ligaments in the Knee

Her day on the end of the towrope was coming to an end when she decided to push herself to hit one more jump. This drive to push harder turned Angie into the wake boarder she is today. But this time the result was different.

Upon landing, Angie looked down at her dislocated knee and immediately realized the extent of her injury. She was rushed to hospital where her MRI revealed a blown ACL, LCL, PCL (the terrible triad) and a torn meniscus.

“It completely turned my world upside down,” she said.

Angie’s doctor informed her of the long road to recovery she had ahead of her, and at the end of it, she still may never wakeboard again. Step one would be three weeks of physical therapy before the surgery would occur.

“I asked which physical therapist was the best,” Angie said. “My doctor said Accelerated Sports Therapy and Fitness. That’s all I needed to hear”.

Shortly after beginning her physical therapy, Angie’s anxiety was eased by the bond she quickly formed with the Accelerated staff.

“They were very encouraging, had a great sense of humor and always knew exactly what to say,” she said. “It was the best environment anyone would want to be in.”

Following her surgery, Angie was back at Accelerated for her rehab. The therapy proved difficult, but with the pain, she also learned to appreciate each accomplishment – no matter how small.

“The first time I could actually pedal the stationary bike all the way around it felt like a small miracle,” she said.

The Accelerated staff catered to Angie’s most important objective of getting back on the water by the next summer. And with the help of a knee brace, she was back to wake boarding and jumping from wake to wake as she gradually gained back her confidence.

As the weather warms up, Angie, like every spring before, can’t wait to get back on the water. She also can’t help but feel thankful for the therapy that got her back.

“I am not saying I would like to require physical therapy any time soon – or ever again – but if it became necessary I would go back to Accelerated in a heartbeat,” she concluded.

Brittany Laeger