36-Year-Old Triathlete Recovers from Shoulder Injury

Training for her first triathlon, 36-year-old Jody began noticing pain in her right shoulder while swimming.

Although gradual, the pain eventually progressed to hinder her daily activities. A doctor’s visit revealed a muscular diagnosis of tendinopathy secondary to hypermobility, and she was referred to Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness.

Jody’s treatment took a comprehensive approach to correct her muscular imbalance.

Treatment included the following:

  • Manual therapy for soft tissue restriction

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • Rotator cuff endurance training

  • Proprioception Training

  • Scapular control facilitation

  • Core training

  • Swim stroke modification

  • And finally, a training plan for her return to swimming

The outcome left Jody not only without pain, but also allowed for a symptom-free return to her triathlon training. Furthermore, Jody continued with Accelerated by participating in pilates and fitness training, improving her times and decreasing her susceptibility to injury.

Brittany Laeger