Teenage Pitcher Overcomes Elbow Pain and Returns to Pitching

14-year-old Alex spent the majority of his free time on the baseball diamond as a pitcher. At the start of his season, he began noticing pain in his right elbow.

The pain made it impossible for Alex to pitch, so he moved to first base, hoping for better results. However, soon all throwing became painful and limited.

After being referred to Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness by his doctor, his evaluation showed forearm weakness and mild looseness in his medial elbow joint.

The therapists at Accelerated designed a treatment plan to strengthen his forearm muscles, along with shoulder strengthening and core training.

Alex’s treatment included the following:

  • Functional activity training with baseball-related drills

  • Video analysis of throwing mechanics, which showed throwing faults that were contributing to his elbow stress

  • Throwing drills designed to correct faults

As an outcome to his treatment at Accelerated, Alex returned to pitching using his new found throwing mechanics and completed the baseball season with his team.

Brittany Laeger