Lifelong Marathon Runner Find Relief from Chronic Hip and Leg Pain

Tom, a 44-year-old avid runner, competed in multiple full and half marathons each year.

For three months, Tom had experienced worsening hip and groin pain on his left side while running. Eventually the pain progressed and Tom couldn’t climb stairs, walk, or even sit without pain.

Tom’s evaluation at Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness showed tenderness of his hip and groin muscles, limited hip mobility, weakness in his glutes and hamstrings, as well as altered gait mechanics while running.

Tom’s therapist created a comprehensive return-to-run program, including:

  • Myofascial release and soft tissue work to improve hip mobility

  • Hip and core strength/stability work

  • Balance and neuromuscular re-training

  • Gait analysis and gait drills

Tom followed his treatment with maintenance therapies. Soon after, he was able to successfully train and complete a marathon.

Brittany Laeger