Young Hockey Goalie Goes Through Post-Op Rehabilitation for Hips

Ryan, a 16-year-old high school hockey goalie, had a history of hip pain while playing hockey.

After learning from doctors that he suffered from hip impingement and a labral tear, Ryan underwent arthroscopic surgery. After the surgery Ryan was using crutches, and suffered pain, limited strength and poor range of motion.

Ryan was referred to Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness for his post-operative rehabilitation.

At accelerated, Ryan completed the following treatments as part of his rehabilitation:

  • Modalities for swelling and pain control

  • Gentle stretching for improved range of motion

  • Manual therapy for soft tissue restrictions

  • Weight bearing and gait drills

  • Progressive strengthening and neuromuscular control for hip/core musculature

  • Hockey specific skating and goalie exercises

  • On-ice progression of skating and goalie drills

Upon completion of his treatment, Ryan was able to fully return to hockey as the starting goalie.

Ryan is currently competing pain-free, while he continues to perform his maintenance program for further injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Brittany Laeger