62-Year-Old Golfer Overcomes Sharp Pain and Limited Mobility

Steve, a 62-year-old golfer, injured himself on the golf course when he experienced sharp pains in his lower back after a swing.

After experiencing continued pain and limited mobility, Steve set up an appointment at Accelerated Sports Therapy and Fitness. Steve’s evaluation showed back spasms and his therapist diagnosed him with a back sprain.

Steve’s treatment plan was designed to increase mobility, decrease pain and conditioning for future injury prevention.

His rehabilitation included the following treatments:

  • Gentle positional traction

  • Mobilization exercises

  • Modalities (including electronic stimulation and ice, pelvic traction and ultra sound

  • Gradual corrective home exercise program

  • Swing evaluation and education in a stabilized golf swing

Within three weeks Steve was able to complete a full exercise program working on core strength, rotational mobility and cardiovascular conditioning, all pain free.

Steve has returned to golf, and continues to come into Accelerated Sports Therapy to utilize the fitness facilities for his ongoing conditioning.

Brittany Laeger