College Basketball Player Returns from Ankle Injury After Just 9 Days

Amy, a 21-year-old college basketball player, “rolled” her ankle and had to be taken out of the game. After immediate swelling and pain, her team’s athletic trainer took her to urgent care for precautionary x-rays, revealing no fracture.

The next morning, Amy’s ankle was still swollen, red and painful. Amy’s trainer called Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness and was able to get an appointment that afternoon to initiate treatment. Amy’s evaluation revealed bruising and swelling of the ankle and foot, limited motion and a poor gait pattern.

Amy’s physical therapist designed a treatment plan to heal her pain and get her back on the basketball court.

Amy’s treatment included:

  • Gentle range of motion activities

  • Pilates reformer exercises

  • Thera-band resistance movements

  • Gentle isometrics with progression to isotonic strengthening

  • Vasopneumatics with ice (Game Ready)

  • Gait training with functional progression into running and then start/stop movements

After being seen daily as an in-season athlete, Amy’s rehabilitation program included additional cardiovascular training to maintain conditioning.

All-in-all, Amy was able to return to play with ankle taping just 9 days after her injury.

Brittany Laeger