55-Year-Old Construction Worker: Pain-Free After Constant Shoulder Ache

As a sheetrock installer, 55-year-old Mark began experiencing shoulder pain with overhead activity and lifting. His pain eventually progressed to a constant shoulder ache that worsened with his work duties.

After being referred to Accelerated Sports Therapy & Fitness, Mark’s evaluation revealed limited shoulder range of motion and flexibility, as well as rotator cuff weakness, poor scapular control, and posterior capsular tightness. Furthermore, his therapist found Mark’s overall upper body stiffness and muscular imbalance showed consistencies with shoulder impingement syndrome.

As part of his physical therapy and rehabilitation program, Mark completed the following treatments, resulting in a plan to return to normal work duties:

  • Capsular stretching to restore joint accessory mobility

  • Flexibility exercises

  • Rotator cuff endurance training

  • Neuromuscular re-education to restore proper shoulder mechanics

  • CORE training

After completing treatment, Mark’s successfully returned to the normal activities of daily living without pain, and eventually returned to full work duties without pain or restrictions.

Brittany Laeger